Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Across the Indian market, companies are struggling to deal with :

Unpredictable market demand, increased governmental regulation and strict deadlines

BAYLEAF HR SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. can moderate these issues by providing your organization with an alert, flexible workforce equipped to run your operations, when you need them.

We are one of the best Temporary Staffing Companies in Bangalore, Temporary Staffing Companies in Delhi and Temporary Staffing Companies in Andheri.


For Your Need


Your Cost


Your administrative burden

Our expertise is in-depth knowledge of industry requirements which help us to recruit right candidates for your company.

BAYLEAF will provide your company with the flexibility to staff up or down, depending on the business cycles. Temp staffing allows you to guard your permanent staff, while simultaneously clamping down on hiring, firing, training, benefits and administrative costs.

Indian companies currently have to comply with an increasing number of labor laws including gratuity, minimum wages, PF, ESIC etc. BAYLEAF eliminates that liability by acting as one-stop-shop for all staffing and temporary staffing matters, including laborlaw compliance management. Our unrivalled team of labor law experts and compliance officers ensures that your organization will be 100% compliant with all current and future regulations in the market.